Web Traffic Monopoly : Let's kick off by asking the obvious question of why do you need web traffic to run a successful internet business? Well that's a no-brainer really. You see online traffic amounts to the same thing as people entering your store if it happened to be offline.

Make Sure You Target The Right Kind Of Traffic 
This evidently means that if your store is not getting any visitors then there is no way you are going to make money at all! If you think of your web site as an online store and web traffic as people coming to your online store then you know that you really cannot get by without it. That's why web traffic is described as the lifeblood of any internet business.
Okay let's look at some of the ways to attract online traffic to your website but before we do that let me talk a little about the kind of web traffic you need to get. Why? Because not all internet traffic is equal and frankly there is really no point in salving away to get web traffic that just exits your website as soon as it gets there.
So the very first step in launching your web traffic campaign is conducting proper keyword research to ensure that you are actually attracting the kind of people to your blog who are willing to spend cold hard cash. To get those kind of people you need to target keywords with high conversion rates. This simply means you need to optimize your website for very specific keywords.
Thus for example let us look at the make money online market. If you do your keyword research properly you will soon realize that the keyword money has several thousand searches a day, however that said this is not the type of keyword you wish to target. Why? Because it is way too ambiguous! When a person types in the keyword money in a search engine they could be looking for anything remotely connected to the term money and not necessarily looking to learn how to make money online.
Besides another drawback to optimizing for a non-specific keyword term like money despite the fact that it gets a ton of daily online searches is that it has an extremely high difficulty level and will literally take forever before you ever even get the first trickle of web traffic from it!
So you need to target a more specific kind of web traffic one that is interested in making money online assuming your online business is all about getting internet money and teaching people how to go about it. With that in mind the kind of keyword you would wish to optimize for to get better conversion rates from your web traffic would be more target-specific keywords like make money or make money online etc. There's a lot more involved with conducting accurate keyword but this article is not really about keyword research but web traffic so let's move on.
Ways To Get Web Traffic
Okay as previously mentioned there are multiple ways to get web traffic and here's a list of some of them:
1. Organic Web Traffic (traffic from the search engines)
2. Internet traffic from article writing
3. Online traffic from social media websites
4. Web traffic from forums
5. Getting web traffic by posting comments on blogs that get a lot of web traffic and allow the inclusion of links
6. Online traffic utilizing video
7. Web traffic through the use of images
8. Paying for internet traffic
These are just a few but probably the most common ways to get web traffic and each type has its own merits. I am not a big fan of getting web traffic though paid advertisements because it can get really expensive really fast with mixed results. But of course if you have the budget for this type of online traffic then go for it because you will attract online traffic to your website almost immediately!
The Action of Search Is the First Step In the Act of Persuasion
What many people do not realize is that when a person types in a search term online, then assuming that they are looking for a solution to a problem, they have just covered the first parameter in successful persuasion. This is because that persons defenses are somewhat lessened because they are open to suggestion and advise in order to find a quick resolution to their predicament.
Basically what this means to your as an owner of an online business is that this type of web traffic is more likely to accept your advice and thus ultimately are more likely to pay money to get the resolution they so desperately seek.
As I mentioned not all web traffic is equal and in fact the manner in which you attract that online traffic determines the way in which you court it to achieve your ultimate goal. For example if you are getting web traffic through social media websites you are going to have more interaction with your visitors before they pay the scantiest attention to you. This means that you cannot just saunter over to a social media website slap up a few banner ads (or whatever type of ad) and hope that you will be able to siphon some of the immense web traffic to be found on social media websites like FaceBook.
The bottom line is that every method to get web traffic has its challenges and you need to discover which one best suits your purposes. Let's look at organic web traffic which is nothing more than online traffic that originates from people searching on the search engine indexes. Yes, this kind of traffic is free and another excellent selling point about this kind of web traffic is that once you start getting it then unless you are bounced off the indexes for some reason or other, you will continue reaping its rewards with no further input from you. Can't beat that now can you? Web Traffic Monopoly Click Here